About the job ~

The Housing & Transportation Coordinator is responsible for negotiating and managing all contracts for designated AAG provided & assisted housing services. The Coordinator will ensure that all provision are met for international J-1 visa participants while here in the United States. Ensure safe, secure, and adequate housing and transportation to meet the needs of all international J-1 visa participants and ensure compliance with Federal (DOS), State, and local municipal policies and requirements. The Coordinator will work closely with any third-party housing vendors to endure all requirements are met and reflect our standards. This position will direct all activities which include prospecting and vetting new housing, securing leases; prepare housing financial reports; direct, plan, and oversee the development, preparation, revision and presentation of the housing and transportation budget. The Housing Coordinator will work with other departments to assure the processes are followed and adhered to in order to assure financial integrity of the agreement minimizing financial liability for AAG. Assist and provide support to the True Care Department and Strategic Development Department as needed.

Essential Duties and responsibilities include the following:

Primary Functions:

    • Contract negotiation that will prevent financial stress to both AAG and the participant living in the housing; assure it makes fiscal and practical sense.
    • Anticipate areas of need based on overall schedules and numbers and locations with all departments as it relates to housing.
    • Identify and vet viable housing solutions for AAG provided, AAG assisted, and participant arranged housing where there are 20 or more participants.
    • Effectively communicate with internal departments and external customers on a regular basis, ensuring that all are informed and updated as to contractual obligations
    • Enforce proper procedures that ensure Finance collects and audits all monthly invoices, schedules payroll deductions, transportation runs, and keeps key account sensitivity schedules current and accurate.
    • Maintain databases, file administration and prepare reports as it is relates to Department of State compliance or other regulatory functions. Maintain integrity of the processes and procedures and keeping them current as regulations change.
    • Understand, train, and hold everyone accountable to comply with and uphold the housing process and procedures.
    • Encourage a success-oriented, accountable environment within the department and the company.
    • Foster a workplace environment consistent with the values and mission outlined by the executives of company.
    • Monitor department budget; manages and/or approves employee expenses accordingly.
    • Provide 24/7 customer service; accept travel requirements as needed by supervisors.

    Secondary Functions

    • Support when team members are absent, traveling, or otherwise involved in projects or as business demands.
    • Ability to represent Alliance Abroad Group on recruitment fairs, orientations, community events, and/or site visits.
    • Performs other related duties or completes special projects as assigned.

    Skills and Knowledge Requirements

    • Contract negotiation and proactive problem solving skills
    • Spreadsheet and systems¬† development¬† skills
    • Maintain a high level of professionalism in appearance, words and actions. Excellent written/oral communication, presentation, and interpersonal skills.
    • Possesses superior customer service experience.
    • Ability to work with multiple cultures and in an international business arena and exhibits a passion for cultural exchange and handles communication barriers and cultural expectations professionally and with empathy.
    • Must be able to work in a fast paced environment where priorities change regularly.

    Educational and/or Work Experience

    • Holds a bachelor’s degree or equivalent years of work experience.
    • Minimum of 2 years of experience in contract negotiations, vendor relationships, customer service and expense reporting/reconciliation.