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The Korea WEST Plus program is a joint venture between the State Department of the United States and the Ministry of Education (MOE) in South Korea that can last up to twelve months. The program is designed to give top students from South Korea the opportunity to work in a professional internship, complete an English study program, and also the opportunity to travel. All of this, while gaining a greater understanding of the American workplace and enhancing cross-cultural relationships between the United States and South Korea.

Participants in the Korea WEST Plus program have been hand-picked by the Ministry of Education and personally interviewed by Alliance Abroad. Each individual not only represents the top of their class academically, but also in their language skills.

Alliance Abroad is proud to be a designated J-1 visa sponsor to facilitate the WEST Plus program. At Alliance Abroad we aren’t just creating cultural exchange experiences; we are connecting, enriching, and empowering the global community one person at a time.

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