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Working for the weekend

working for the weekend
♫ Everybody’s working for the weekend ♫
Don’t you just love that song from the 80’s?

working for the weekendNo…of course you don’t, you’re not a 9-5’er. You don’t work Monday through Friday and take two days off to relax and unwind. You’re not working for the weekend. You’re a server, a chef or a bartender and you know that the weekend is your busy time. Your office is a hot kitchen or crowded restaurant and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

We don’t have to tell you that the life of a hospitality worker is a lot different than most other industries. You live tip to tip, ticket to ticket, and your shift usually isn’t over until last call. (more…)

Sunshine Coast Jobs

sunshine coast
Job title: Food and Beverage Attendant
Pay Rate: $18 – $20 per hour
Location: Sunshine Coast AND Brisbane Hinterland
Start date: ASAP
Duration: 3 months at each location (total 6 months)
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sunshine coastAre you interested in taking your passion for gourmet dining and knowledge of wine to the next level?

We are currently seeking experienced Food and Beverage Attendants to work at two of Australia’s most desired locations: Sunshine Coast & Brisbane Hinterland.


Cook Positions at Bungalow Bay

bungalow bay
Positions: Cooks
Pay: $17.49-$30.60/hr
Start Date: October 2014
Location: Bungalow Bay – Magnetic Island, North Queensland (South of Cairns)

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bungalow bayBungalow Bay is located in Horseshoe bay, and is the center of all island activities. This budget island resort has earned a great reputation through its service and quality products.

Located just south of Cairns in Queensland, Australia, this village would be a dream location to live and work for 6 months.


Hip Pool Club Cocktail Waitresses

pool club
Positions: Cocktail Waitresses
Pay: $22-$28/hr
Start Date: September 2014
Location: Downtown Sydney Pool Club (Think Hollywood Palm Springs)

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This pool club is where guests recline under shady palms, sip cocktails in private cabanas, and snack on gourmet pizzas – all under an open air sky. Imagine a Hollywood Palm Springs retreat with elegant tunes performed by DJ’s poolside designed to take guests up and away from the city below.


Work for Cool Downtown Sydney Restaurant

downtown sydney Restaurant
Positions: Waiters & Waitresses (F&B Attendants)
Pay: $22-$28/hr
Start Date: September 2014
Location: Downtown Sydney Restaurant

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Tucked away from the busy city streets of downtown Sydney is this casual restaurant that won’t break the bank, yet is big on fresh flavors delivered with a smile. Open weekdays from midday until late, the relaxed open-air beer garden and comfy indoor spaces offer everything from tasty snacks to full meals from the Deli and Grill, Sunee’s Thai Canteen and the Patisserie.


Winter is Coming

winter sucks

As we say goodbye to summer and slowly trudge into fall a few things become clear: soon we will see cooler temperatures, shorter days, and we will have to come to grips with the harsh reality that winter is coming. Now unless you live and work at a ski resort or think that shoveling is the best cardio workout you can get for free then you will probably agree: winter sucks! (more…)

Food and Beverage Attendant: I Still Have to do My Side Work

food and beverage jobs

Whether you work the lunch shift, dinner shift, or a dreaded double, you know that the money you take home depends entirely on the people you are serving and how generous they feel. You can be the best server at your restaurant and you still have no way of knowing how much money you are going to leave with. (And don’t even get us started on pooling tips! Why should you have to share your hard earned money with someone who doesn’t know the difference between ranch and blue cheese dressing?) After 10% to the bar staff, 10% to the bussers what’s left for you? (more…)

Conference and Events Assistant

Job title: Conference and Events Assistant
Pay: $1500 AUD per month (Internship Stipend)
Where: Tasmania, Australia
Start date: No later than mid-October 2014
Duration:  6 months
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Looking forward to a day where you can put your experience and skills into: conference and event management, product presentations, advertising and building up relationships with partners all around the world?! You just found yourself the perfect internship!


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