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How We Help


We have an uncommon solution to a common problem. All businesses face the challenge of finding the right people. Human resources departments are constantly looking for motivated, educated and experienced individuals that will bring fresh ideas and new talent to the team. The cycle of recruiting, hiring, training, retaining and replacing people is a huge endeavor and costly drain. In addition, many businesses have fluctuating staffing needs and only require additional resources during certain seasons or peak times. Finding people willing to work for short periods can be difficult. Still other employers face skilled-laborer shortages and must seek individuals outside their own backyards to help. For businesses that want to augment their teams and talents by mentoring international interns or trainees, we have eager individuals looking for just that opportunity.

Exchange programs are specifically intended to provide opportunities for international students, young professionals and skilled professionals to gain experience, education and exposure working in other countries. AAG works with government agencies, international recruiting partners and universities to facilitate internships as well as professional job opportunities that benefit both employers and exchange program participants.

We make a living by what we get.

We make a life by what we give.

“Their level of humanity is unsurpassed. Other sponsors abandon kids and employers. Alliance Abroad has a completely personal connection.”

Brooke Stowell, Great Wolf Lodge, WI

More than ever businesses have become global, operating outside their own countries and attracting customers from around the world. The businesses we work with tell us that having a workforce that mirrors their customers, clients and guests enhances everyone’s experience. A cultural exchange program is a great way to augment and diversify your workforce and a new avenue of flexibility to respond to seasonal/peak business needs. We offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional recruiting models. These are tangible advantages to your business, but you can also make an incredible difference by giving young people a chance to work, learn and achieve.


Young, eager and interested international participants thirst for knowledge, education and understanding. As a “host” employer, you have the opportunity to make an indelible impression on the lives of others. Each employer becomes an “ambassador” of his or her country and proponent of a different culture.

  • Provide a life-changing experience for young people from all over the world
  • Be a citizen ambassador and contribute to U.S. diplomacy
  • Bring cultural exchange and diversity to your workplace and your community
  • Meet peak seasonal staffing needs
  • Recruit ambitious candidates
  • Simplify your hiring

Your efforts to mentor, teach, inspire and influence will transcend international boundaries and borders creating ripple effects of goodwill that have the potential to create a much better world.

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