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How We Help

Job and Internship Seekers

Our job is to make the process of finding the right employer, location and opportunity abroad easier for international job and internship seekers. Whether you’re a student, intern, young professional or well into your career, we support visa programs in the United States and Australia.

We understand your desire to work, intern, teach or train in another country and we know that while it’s a thrilling adventure, the process can be stressful too. It doesn’t have to be.

Our extensive network of recruiting partners, international universities and great employers enables us to match individual pursuits with the right opportunities and provides expert support to help make the transition smooth.

We’ve got 27 years of experience and a collaborative working arrangement with the U.S. Department of State to sponsor J-1 visa programs. Outside the U.S., we support programs in Australia.

“My experience abroad made me stronger. It made me more persistent and diligent in the job that I was working on, and also it made me resourceful. It tested my boundaries in the traveling part of the program. I became more organized and gained new friends and so many beautiful experiences.”

Cultural Exchange Participant

“The program was awesome, it was the perfect summer experience for me because I learned different cultures, traditions… I met new friends which I considered my second family… I used my knowledge and abilities that I have learned in school.”

Let us help you connect with meaningful experiences with the assurance that you have support and resources needed to get you securely started on your adventure abroad.

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