An Intern Exchange Visitor Reflects on her Experience

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It’s almost time to wrap up my experience as a Exchange Visitor Intern and to say goodbye to the United States. Time flies! I’ve been trying my best to check everything I wanted to see and do off my list, and realized that there was still one thing I needed to do before leaving: go [...]

Exchanging Cultures, Celebrating and Connecting

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Seventy foreign students from five continents came together to celebrate an important Muslim holy day. Though not everyone who helped celebrate Eid al-Adha in Denver last month are Muslim, they have all become friends. Most of the students are Turkish, but neither nationality nor religious differences mattered to anyone. In fact, to the cultural [...]

The Calming in the Storm

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The damage from Hurricane Florence was devastating, the strong winds and rising waters taking their tolls on many Carolina coastal communities.  In times such as these, we are both saddened by the losses and, at the same time, heartened by the humanity that inevitably arises in these troubling situations. In communities all over the [...]

Alliance Abroad Announces IT Internship Program

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September 12, 2018 Alliance Abroad recently launched an IT internship program that provides international students and graduates with specialized IT training, work experience and exposure. The internship is one of Alliance Abroad’s programs designed to provide more international youths with meaningful work and training experiences. Our goal is to provide a variety of work [...]

American English is Made in the U.S.A.

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A blog series supporting the August theme of The U.S. Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs American English is uniquely and distinctly American. The original English language came over to the North American continent with the early British settlers, but it’s evolved over time.  Since the 17th century English colonization of [...]

New Initiatives at Alliance Abroad

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Removing Barriers Our award-winning program with the Ubuntu Institute in South Africa has fueled our passion to further develop programs that reduce barriers and empower individuals. In fact, since late 2017, we have launched three additional programs that improve access, equality, and opportunity for a greater number of youth around the world. Microfinance [...]

J-Day 2018 – Giving Back at the Central Texas Food Bank

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J-Day – a day to eat, play, and give. On a day dedicated to eating, playing, and giving, it only made sense that Alliance Abroad teamed with the Central Texas Food Bank to give back!For those who are unaware, J-Day is a nationwide celebration acknowledging the positive influence of international exchange. Today, across the United [...]

International Students Learn about American Democratic Values and Civil Society

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In the photo pictured left to right: Koketso Lesego Noe (Ubuntu Trainee, Botswana, South Africa), Tshepo Mpilo Motloung (Ubuntu Intern, South Africa), Officer Bronson Lillo (Sandusky Police Dept), Eric Wobser (City Manager), Nic Stouffer (Intern for the Week, St. Mary Central Catholic High School), Francisca Javiera Castro Montero (Intern, Chile), Vinc John Lery Bastasa [...]

Police Provide Safety Seminars for Work Travel Participants

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International Student Safety is a Priority in U.S. Communities In three American communities, three law enforcement officers are determined to keep visiting cultural exchange students safe.  Each of them are making a huge impact on the lives of visiting international students.  Their stories are in many ways similar, and all make you feel proud [...]

The Power of Diversity and Inclusion

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This blog supports the  United States Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs June theme of Diversity and Inclusion. “Diversity is being invited to the party. Inclusion is being asked to dance.” Vernā Myers Diversity is a way of life for most Americans.  Diversity is so intrinsic to our culture, we tend to forget that it’s [...]