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Programs & Solutions

Solutions that Enable Success

Good talent management is the ability to staff today with a vision for tomorrow. We work with employers to find innovative and  alternative recruiting strategies for employers. International students and interns have proven to be one  great resource for companies  looking to augment their teams during seasonal or peak staffing periods or wanting to enhance their business with  international talent. Educated and enthusiastic young people bring lasting value by helping you achieve important business goals. Motivated and multi-lingual, they speak a common language of service excellence.

Hiring international talent  is not  about meeting diversity or social responsibility goals, it’s about making good business decisions. Employers have told us that the talent we find for them is often “more dedicated to greatness” and works harder than many of the candidates available to them locally.


Students are making an investment to come to the U.S.  to work and, in our experience, we know  that when there is that commitment and genuine interest, the outcome is generally a winning one.

Developing customized recruiting strategies sets us apart.  Our talent management solutions match business needs and goals with the very best candidates. We have the luxury of hand selecting candidates from a large and diverse pool of qualified and motivated people.Some of the world’s best brands and businesses rely on us to help them identify talented individuals who will learn, grow and enable their business. We also provide resources and support needed to make sure that everyone gets the most out of the experience. Our role is not merely to facilitate cultural exchange, it is to  ensure that everyone is a thrilled with the results.

Our Programs

No matter what your hiring needs, we can find a talent management solution that helps you achieve your goals.  Our skill in not just finding people, it’s finding the right people for your business.  We know that it’s in everyone’s best interest to make sure our employment matches work for everyone.  We offer everything from  short-term casual work and seasonal staffing to programs that enable long-term career and business growth.   We’re in the business of providing innovative solutions for people and businesses.

United States Programs

The United States is a major economic power and a land of endless opportunities. As a nation, America values the spirit of entrepreneurship and is home to some of the world’s leading enterprises and innovations. An opportunity in the U.S. provides young people with an amazing foundation to develop their skills and enhance their education and resume with international work experience.

Intern Trainee Program

Cultural exchange programs

J-1 Trainee/ Intern program places qualified candidates in their field of study to gain international work experience and on-the-job training. Employers will benefit from the participants’ enthusiasm and uniquely matched education and qualifications.

Summer Work Travel Program

Cultural exchange programs

J-1 Summer Work Travel program exposes university students to American culture, gives them international work experience and an opportunity to contribute to employers’ seasonal business needs and goals.

Teacher Exchange Program

Cultural exchange programs

J-1 Teacher Exchange program gives teaching professionals with a qualifying degree the chance to teach in accredited U.S. educational institutions (primary and secondary schools) for up to 5 years.

Seasonal Work Program

Cultural exchange programs

Seasonal Work H-2B visa program enables individuals to work in businesses that have seasonal work or peak staffing needs.

Australia Programs

Alliance Abroad International provides support for a variety of Australian visas. From casual work and travel programs to opportunities for professionals to live better and earn more, we offer innovative programs.

Work & Travel Arrival

Cultural exchange programs

Australia is a country filled with excitement and adventure. Many of our program participants are seeking a chance to experience Australia, funding their fun by working in temporary jobs from 6-12 months. If you’re craving a change in your life or want to jumpstart an international career, we have awesome opportunities waiting.

Work & Travel Plus

Cultural exchange programs

Work & Travel Plus offers 6 to 12 month hospitality positions and general business internships that allow university students or young professionals earn, learn and have fun in a vibrant culture and beautiful country.

Work & Travel Pro

Cultural exchange programs

This Intern & Trainee program is designed to match business with students, graduates, and young professionals who are keen on gaining the career experience necessary to push them to the next level of their career. We work with well-respected businesses in the hospitality and tourism industry looking to enhance their teams with qualified candidates.

Skilled Professional Program

Cultural exchange programs

Young professionals, looking to enhance their work experience, will find plenty of opportunity with Australian employers. The program offers structured training that invests in their career development. Prices vary based on country of origin.