Programs in Australia

Grow your career while traveling Australia

Our 6-12 Month Programs
Skilled Professional Program

Programs in Australia

Grow Your Career While Travelling Australia

Our 3-12 Month Programs
Skilled Professional Program

Work & Travel in Australia

If you have always wanted to visit Australia, we’ll help you embark on an adventure of a lifetime!

A working holiday in Australia provides individuals with endless opportunities to explore while gaining meaningful work experience and meeting new friends and professional connections.

At Alliance Abroad – Australia, we offer a variety of programs that enable individuals to work and travel in Australia anywhere from 6 months to 4 years! Our network of luxury resorts, hotels and restaurants all over Australia are seeking people of all positions to help them during their busiest seasons or to fill high-demand, skilled positions.  If you are after a job relating to a particular field of study, we can help you secure a relevant position.

Whether you’re looking for a change of scenery, a great adventure, or to enhance your resume, we have programs to help you achieve your goals.


“For people who are interested in coming, being afraid is fine. But, if you live in fear, you won’t experience life! So come right ahead and enjoy life a bit.”

– Delano Jarrett, Participant

Work & Travel Opportunities Tailored to your Experience

At Alliance Abroad Australia, we offer a variety of placement programs designed for professionals of all experience levels.

The Work & Travel program, which operates under the Working Holiday Visa, places individuals with businesses in temporary employment opportunities. We work with respected businesses in the hospitality and tourism industry that are looking to enhance their teams with international workers.

We also offer the Skilled Professionals Program, which offers individuals with significant previous culinary experience the opportunity to work alongside seasoned chefs in reputable restaurants across Australia.

Our 6-12 Month Programs

Work & Travel Arrival

Our most individualized program, Work & Travel Arrival, provides the essentials you need to succeed in Australia independently. We prepare you for your own adventure with a detailed orientation on housing, jobs, taxes and travel. Additionally, you will make your own employment arrangements after arriving in Australia.

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Work & Travel Plus

Our Work & Travel Plus program gives you the chance to explore the beauty of Australia while funding your fun by working in guaranteed, temporary job placements that we arrange for you. Most of these positions are in the hospitality field, although some opportunities to work in customer service are also sometimes available.

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Work & Travel Pro

Our Work & Travel Pro program helps students and young professionals grow professionally in their field of study or professional experience. Before you leave home, you will be placed in a department and company of your choice with a structured training plan that outlines every step of your experience.

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Work & Study

Our Work & Study Program enables young people to travel to Australia under a student, working holiday or tourist visa. Experience the real Australian culture, study English, and work part time in great jobs in Sydney or Melbourne. It’s a great way for young people from around the world to study, work and play in Australia!

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Trainee Program

This program is designed for those with 1-2 years hospitality experience to come to Australia and follow an individual workplace training plan that allows them to build their resume and enhance their skills.

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Our 4-5 Year Program

Skilled Professionals

Australia is looking for skilled hospitality professionals to work in world-class resorts, restaurants and hotels. If you’re enthusiastic, adventurous, experienced and want to earn more money while living in the land known for beautiful beaches, rugged outback and sophisticated cities, you’re the perfect candidate for this fantastic opportunity. This is an international experience of a lifetime.

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