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Hire International Talent

Expand your business in a whole different way

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Cultural Exchange Programs Bring Talent to Your Team

International exchange students and young professionals are a great addition to any business. They bring enthusiasm, energy and fresh perspectives. Their thirst to learn and their motivation to contribute makes them fabulous candidates to help you in your peak business times or during your busiest seasons.

Employers tell us that hosting international students has changed the way they look at the world and at their work. There is a something incredibly satisfying in helping a young person grow, stretch and evolve.

As a host employer, you are serving the needs of your business while exposing young people to an amazing opportunity to learn, expand their skills, apply their talents and discover new interests.

Where Is Your Company Located?

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Many Reasons to Hire International Talent

  • Provide a life-changing experience for young people from all over the world

  • Be a citizen ambassador of your country

  • Bring cultural exchange and diversity to your workplace and your community

  • Meet peak seasonal staffing needs

  • Recruit ambitious candidates

  • Simplify your hiring

Mutual Benefit

International exchange participants leave lasting impressions on your customers, teams, and the communities in which they live and work. Their sense of wonder, their courage and dedication, and their quest for self-improvement are infectious. As a host employer, you get the talent to help your business, and students get the experience and education they seek. It’s truly a scenario that benefits everyone.

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The Best and the Brightest to Help Your Business

Alliance Abroad works with international recruiting partners and agents around the world to attract and recruit the very best people. Candidates must meet strict program requirements and possess English language aptitude in order to apply for our programs. Beyond these important qualifications, candidates have the tenacity to complete rigorous visa interviews and are serious enough about enriching experiences to invest in the programs. It takes courage for participants to travel far from their homes, and it takes a sense of wonder and adventure to want to explore and experience another culture and country. Passion for personal and professional growth is the common denominator for all program participants.

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Motivated to Make a Difference

The young people we recruit are dependable, committed and focused on getting the most from their cultural exchange experience.  They place a premium on experiences that enhance their lives and expand their personal and professional horizons. And they are motivated to apply their talent, skills and great energy to help your business succeed.

Pre-Screened and Qualified

Our candidates are carefully recruited and pre-screened to make sure that they have the skills and drive to succeed in any workplace.  We select candidates who, not only have the right education and skills, they have the right attitude. They are eager to work, train, learn, teach and contribute, and excited about the experiences that await beyond their own borders and backyards.

“Whenever these students come over, you can see the progression from the first day when they get here to when they’re leaving, they’re just a whole new person. They have even more confidence than they had before, and they have memories that they will have forever.”
– Teri Morgan, Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Ready to Start in Your Busiest Seasons

Your business may have peak times and seasonal spikes and finding enough people during the high season may be challenging. International students and young professionals are available all year to work for periods ranging from a few months to a few years, depending on the program. Whether your peak business times are winter, spring, summer or fall, there are always individuals who are looking for meaningful opportunities and interesting experiences. They are ready to go when your business needs extra support, and ready to make a difference from day one to help every season of your business be successful.

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Hiring Made Easier

All of our participants are carefully screened, thoroughly prepared, and carefully matched to your specific hiring needs.  We take care of the visa processing and provide orientations that prepare participants when they arrive for work. Job expectations and training programs are carefully explained, so program participants are ready to contribute. Throughout the program, we make sure that regulations are being followed and requirements are being met, and that both the employer and participants are happy and benefittingfrom the program.

A Program that Helps More than Your Business

Cultural exchange programs are ideal for employers who not only want to run a good business, they want to do some good in the world.  As a host employer of international program participants, you have a chance to positively impact lives while positively impacting your business results.

Contributing to the Greater Good

Program participants who work, train and intern or teach, return to their homes with a much greater understanding of other culture, values and businesses.  The exposure to another culture expands their world view, creates more understanding and provides a greater perspective.  As future business leaders of their countries, the lessons they learn and the friendships they make influence the way they view the world. Their new insights and understanding result in strengthening the ties between people from around the world. That, in its essence, is the underlying purpose of the program.  And as a host employer get to contribute to this greater global good.

After nearly three decades serving as cultural exchange sponsors, we never cease to be amazed about the life-changing experiences that make people, businesses and the world a better place.

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