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Facilitating Cultural Exchange for Everyone


You’re interested in going to Australia, Spain or the United States.


You’re interested in  recruiting internatioal talent for your business


You’re a recruiting agency interested in partnering with us

Why Cultural Exchange?

Cultural exchange programs bring diverse people from around the world together for the common purpose of expanding capabilities, enriching experiences and forming lasting connections.  No matter what your interest or objectives, you are certain to find personal and professional growth through our portfolio of cultural exchange programs in the United States and Australia.

The many advantages of a cultural exchange experience include…

  • It enriches and educates

  • It brings new ideas and fresh perspectives

  • It affords incredible experiences

  • It encourages diversity and inclusion

  • It facilitates individual and businesses growth

The Real Magic of Cultural Exchange

But the real beauty and benefit lies in the magic that happens every time people get together to work, learn and grow. Cultural exchange results in connections and impressions that last a lifetime.

Group of international youths working on a creative project, stopping to pose for a photo.

Something for Everyone

If you are an international student or young professional with a yearning to explore and experience, an employer looking to add enthusiastic and educated talent to your team, or an international recruiting agent seeking educational experiences for students in your country, we’ve got a team with almost 30 years of experience waiting to help.

A Passion for Cultural Exchange Programs

Our passion for cultural exchange is only matched by the tens of thousands of students we have sponsored, the many hundreds of employers we have served, and the global network of international recruiting partners with whom we have worked. For all of use cultural exchange has become a great equalizer and enabler. The more we learn from each other, the more everyone gains.

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Ready to Help You Get Started

We’re excited about the possibilities and potential that await you.
Whatever your interests, needs or dreams, let us find a cultural exchange program that’s a fabulous fit for you.