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How We Help

Recruiting Partners

Our partners are an extension of our team. Together, we help people find incredible international work experiences that open their eyes to other countries and cultures.

AAG is a U.S. Department of State designated sponsor of four J-1 visa programs. We also work with other international governments, supporting visa programs that run from short-term and casual seasonal work to long-term career opportunities. We work with over 200 international recruiting firms to find qualified candidates for visa programs in the United States and Australia.

International recruiting partners are an extension of our team working in their respective countries to create awareness of this amazing opportunity. They recruit and screen applicants, provide guidance and support with application processes and prepare young people for their incredible journey ahead.

Our reputation as a cultural exchange leader is established and our 25 years matching individuals with great international business opportunities gives us the expertise you seek. We have fabulous working relationships with some of the finest brands and businesses in the hospitality and tourism industry and are expanding our network of over 600 employers into other industries and areas looking to add international talent to their teams. Our processes are proven and our track record adhering to government regulations is something in which we take great pride.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

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