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Partnerships with Universities

Shared Goals

We share your goals for preparing students to embark on successful careers and exposing them to real-world business experience. Our programs enhance formal academic curriculum with opportunities to implement their educational learning. This exposure to meaningful work, training and internships challenges students and provides opportunities to further learn, stretch and achieve.

We work with you to find the best programs, employers and opportunities, carefully matching student’s interests and academic pursuits. Interns are supported throughout the process and will be provided with a detailed training plan from the employer. Beyond the incredible experience interning or training in a U.S. business, interns will receive a thorough evaluation upon completion of the program.

If you’re a university searching for opportunities to enhance your academic programs, you’ve found a great partner. We help universities find great jobs, internships and training opportunities for students, recent graduates and alumni. AAG works directly with you to find ideal scenarios for individuals to apply what they have learned in an educational setting in the real business world.

“AAG always has a solution. They are problem solvers. They are quite good listeners, transparent, open-minded, trustworthy, creative!”

Denis Akar, Oxford House College, Istanbul, Turkey


Experts in Exchange

AAG is a designated sponsor for multiple visa programs in the United States and Australia. We have the expertise and experience to assist your students and alumni with all phases of embarking on an international work, training or internship. Our extensive network of employers are eager to hire and train individuals who are interested in learning and contributing to their businesses. Whenever possible, we arrange recruitment fairs so that your students can learn more about the opportunity or business to become acquainted and comfortable with the employer and the assignment. We help your students meet academic work experience obligations that augment their formal education, enhancing their resumes and finding enriching experiences abroad.

University college students can take advantage of this program to meet work and internship requirements or to complement their studies.

University and college students often take advantage of this program as a stand-alone alternative to academic study abroad, or as a complement before or after completion of an academic semester.

We work with universities to determine valid ways to provide credit for the intern or work experience and will provide an employer evaluation after the student completes the program to highlight the scope of the experience and the student’s achievements.

“When One Teaches, Two Learn.” – Robert Heinlein

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