Who We Are


While we’d like to focus all our attention on you and your interests, we know that smart businesses and individuals will want to know about us to feel sure that we’re credible, reliable and reputable. We understand. We’ll do our best to give you a glimpse into our purpose, passion, and team to help you understand why we do what we do and, more importantly, how it helps you. Hopefully we’ll earn your confidence and business. After all, people buy from people and we’d like to think that we’re really good folks.

Ethos is the characteristic spirit of a culture or community as manifested in its beliefs and aspirations. All that we stand for, believe in and aspire to are expressions of our company and culture.

Our culture is inclusive, of course, as we know the more perspectives, diverse talent and backgrounds we include, the stronger we are. We’ve done our best to create a culture that fosters enthusiasm, ignites innovation and encourages everyone to work to their full potential. Our culture is reflective of our business, instilled in core values and staffed by people who, not only want to make a living, but also want to make a difference.

Purpose is not something we write on a website, it’s something we live.    We did a lot of thinking about our purpose to see if it’s changed over the years and asked ourselves if we remain true to it today. We also asked those who know us well to make sure that our perception of ourselves was the same as theirs. Because that’s what matters most.  We hired some pretty smart people to help us discover our DNA and let them know we wanted authenticity not markety and trendy.  Eureka!  Their findings were spot on.

“Unleashing the Diverse Potential of a New World Class of Global Citizens.”

It may sound like a mouthful, but it’s why we get out of bed every day.

What does it mean?

It means that for entrepreneurial spirits and pioneering business leaders who embrace the power and purpose of global exchange, we hope to unleash the diverse potential of a new world of global citizens, companies and communities.  We pioneer transformational training, travel and exchange programs that bring bright minds and courageous spirits beyond borders to explore and learn. We believe in the bold and original American Dream of inclusive community, expanded opportunity and business that improves lives.

We see a world where people come together to end differences and discover similarities, working together to make incredible things happen in their lives, communities, businesses and countries.

That’s powerful and that’s our purpose.

Our values are inherent in what makes us good “stewards” of cultural exchange and citizen ambassadors of the world. Our values express why we’re in the cultural exchange business and the impact we want to have far beyond business results.

Courage. For the brave souls who dare grow beyond borders, boundaries or limitations.

Inclusion. Expanding opportunity for all.

Responsibility. Work hard & make it work.

Global Family. Our “True Care Promise” means caring for you as part of our family.

Entrepreneurial Spirit. Finding a better way together.

Social Impact. Making a lifelong difference.

Our mission is to create meaningful experiences and lasting value for businesses and individuals.  By promoting the principles of  diversity and inclusion, we  facilitate opportunities that  empower, educate and enrich global citizens.

A Global Mindset and Movement

Alliance Abroad is part of a global movement and mindset that can make a lasting and lifelong impact.  We embrace  global citizens who consider themselves diverse, open-minded and caring.  We encourage people who value lifelong learning, curiosity and the importance of understanding different perspectives. We seek partners who cultivate a growth mindset including creativity, flexibility and problem-solving and we work with creative class companies, countries and communities that value the 3Ts: Talent, Tolerance and Technology.

Reigniting the American Spirit for Global Impact

How do we take a really underserved population and give these young people life-changing experiences abroad?

– Victoria Lynden

Our Story

Alliance Abroad Group started as an idea almost three decades ago. Our CEO, Victoria Lynden, wanted to build a company that made it possible for young adults and students to broaden their horizons and experience the world. Why? Because it was a life- changing experience of her youth. Traveling and working abroad opened her eyes, enlarged her worldview and understanding, and forever changed her life. Why wouldn’t she want to pass on that same transforming experience? The one thing that Victoria lacked  was having any sort of support while abroad. Her “what if” became “what if I created a company that provided travel and educational experiences for young people AND provided support?

That why and what if  was the genesis of Alliance Abroad Group.  Twenty-seven years later, we’ve provided hundreds of thousands of young people from around the world with educational experiences and in-country support. (Check out our News page to learn more about our latest accomplishments.) That’s Victoria’s vision and dream come true.

A serial social entrepreneur and successful businesswoman, Victoria understands that the only true differentiator of any business is its people. That’s why we’ve staffed our own company with many international professionals and people who understand the desire to work abroad. They enthusiastically deliver on our brand promise of uncompromising service and express our desire to be part of a global movement and mindset that values the diversity of people and embraces inclusion as a way to empower and improve.

Travel is the great equalizer because anyone who has ventured out in the world, returns forever changed by the experience. You learn how little you know, humbled by the insights. No matter where in the world you go, similarities between people are pronounced, and differences are diminished.

Many of our AAG team members are past program participants or citizens of other countries. We have a unique “stand-in-your-shoes” perspective. We know what it’s like to work and live in a foreign country, so we take extra care to extend a warm welcome to everyone.

What’s a more satisfying career than marrying what you’re good at with what you love? Business and travel is in our blood and making a difference is in our hearts. We believe that people should follow their passions and be undaunted in their pursuits.

We attract the same type of people we seek for our employers – educated, enthusiastic and intellectually curious internationals. All of our team members (family) are cultural exchange enthusiasts, so they are eager to help others realize their own dreams to work, travel and learn abroad.

It’s fun and refreshing to witness the passion and energy of our team as they work to connect business needs with individual interests. And there’s nothing more rewarding than when we get calls, letters and thanks for helping people accomplish what they set out to do.

That’s the true measure of our success and what keeps us believing in the benefits of cultural exchange. It has the potential to touch everyone- employer and individuals – in unbelievable and unexpected ways.

We’re entrepreneurs and know what it takes to run a business. We can relate to business opportunities and challenges with the endurance it takes to compete for the people and customers that can make or break any business.

“To love what you do and feel that it matters- how could anything be more fun?”

– Katherine Graham

Meet Our Leadership Team

Our leadership team is reflective of our company – global, passionate and dedicated to personal growth and business success.

Victoria Lynden

Victoria is the founder of Alliance Abroad Group and a host of other entrepreneurial enterprises and philanthropic initiatives. A respected and renowned businesswoman, Victoria is motivated by a desire to share life’s greatest moments, experiences and possibilities. Although she pours passion into every endeavor, AAG is admittedly her baby and first love. When she’s not cooking up new businesses, she’s busy cooking up culinary delights for her immediate and extended families. A self-proclaimed child of the hippie generation, she flaunts embroidered flared jeans while voraciously reading an eclectic mix of mind, business and soul-enriching books. Ever evolving and masterfully innovative, the world eagerly awaits the next ingenious and socially aware Victoria Lynden initiative.

James Bell
Chief Operating Officer of Global Operations

A Scotsman with a heart-melting smile and charisma to match, James is at the helm and heart of the Alliance Abroad Group operation. James has an extensive 30-year background in the travel industry over half of it working in cultural exchange. James has been at an important steward for AAG over the past six years; ensuring that we keep clients, partners and the Department of State happy. James’ effervescent personality is the sparkle and spark that motivates our people. James is multi-lingual and a dual citizen of the U.S. and U.K., who began his appreciation of cultural exchange in high school while an exchange student in France. When he’s not trotting the globe to meet with employers, partners and governments or to quench his thirst for global exploration which includes at least 17 trips to South Africa, he’s generally cooking up something at home in Austin. James is a self-proclaimed foodie with a passion for creating in the kitchen, which translate into meaningful experiences at mealtime.

Vanessa Noel
Vice President of Strategic Development

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Laurie Moxley
Vice President of International Programs

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Beth Adame
Human Resources Director

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Our Team

Our people are fabulous. Period. We love what we do and it shows.  Although we may come from different backgrounds and even countries, the bond that holds us together is the common love of travel, education and adventure.  We also share a passion for our customers that goes well beyond business.  We establish long-lasting and genuine relationships that endure and are proud to call many of our partners, employers and participants our friends.  We’ve created a family at Alliance Abroad Group and we work, play and rally around causes together. We celebrate our successes and remedy our mistakes.   Inherent in our Austin roots, we’re also transparent and authentic with hearts that want to see more good in the world and, more than that, we want to be part of it.

Structured To Support

Our company structure is simply built to support those we serve. We’re organized in the important areas of compliance, customer support and account management to be there when our customers need us.

We have a responsibility to ensure that needs are met, standards are upheld and regulations are followed. Our team of experienced professionals provides the highest level of service and support, because we know that exceptional service is contagious. When we get it right, we know you will benefit.

Our Measure of Success

You are. Our team is dedicated to exceeding expectations and our customers tell us we do just that. We’re quick to respond and eager to please. The praise and repeat business of host employers, individual accolades and referrals and government accreditation are the most important measures of our success.


Alliance Abroad Group

We Rise By Lifting Others.

Alliance Abroad Group
Alliance Abroad Group

Inspired Careers

Our commitment to creating meaningful experiences comes from a very special place—the hearts and minds of our team members. If you’re looking for a place that values your talents, empowers you to create and encourages your best thinking, then you’ve found a home with us. Let your first best bright idea be exploring the potential to join our team.

We value people, perspectives, passions and individual pursuits and fuel them by creating an environment for you to be your best authentic self. Our culture is one of constant innovation, international influence and infused with a sense of belonging and being part of something that advances global understanding.  We’re a close-knit team that insists only a few things – that you love what you do and that enthusiasm shines through to the customers we serve and that you make your work fun. We don’t do drudgery and we abhor boredom. We are responsible and thoughtful and accountable for results. We celebrate success and we reward good work.

While it’s important that you have the skills and experience (aptitude), we place a premium on attitude.  We look for people who have a desire to grow personally and professionally while  showing up and suiting up as the best version of themselves. We look for energy and enthusiasm as much as expertise.  We can train and mentor you, but being happy, optimistic and collaborative is a decision only you can make. Our customers are like family and serving them well and surpassing their expectations is what we aspire to do.

If this resonates with you, send us your resume and a 2 minute video and tell us about you, and something that really excites you! Fingers crossed that you are the next best addition to our team.