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Work & Travel Plus


Work & Travel Plus

Australia has endless opportunities to work, play and live in an incredible country with a truly unique culture where we’re happy to enable great “down under” experiences. We connect high-end hospitality businesses throughout Australia with individuals looking for work and lifestyle opportunities. Through our Australian affiliate, AAI, we offer a variety of programs that enable individuals to work in Australia from as little as 6 months to as long as 3 years. Our network of luxury resorts, hotels and restaurants all over Australia are seeking people of all levels and positions to help them during their busiest seasons or to fill high-demand, skilled positions.

Whether you’re looking for a change of scenery, a great adventure or an opportunity to earn more and live better, we have great programs to help you achieve your goals.

If the charm and intrigue of Australia is beckoning you, we’ll help you get started on the experience and adventure of a lifetime!

The Work & Travel Plus program is designed to match businesses and individuals with temporary employment opportunities. We work with respected businesses in the hospitality and tourism industry looking to enhance their teams with international workers.

Alliance Abroad International (AAI) works with their extensive network of Australian employers to determine seasonal staffing needs and then we recruit, screen, interview and match interested candidates. We’re careful to ensure that work experience and expectations align for both job seekers and employers. We look at our candidate’s individual interests, experience and education as well as help prepare them to find the perfect fit.

Whether you’re seeking great people for your business or you’re a great person seeking a meaningful work, travel or lifestyle experience, we can find the visa program and provide the support and services to make your journey unforgettable.


work experience australia


Australia is a country filled with excitement and adventure. Many of our program participants are seeking a chance to experience Australia, funding their fun by working in temporary jobs from 6-12 months. If you’re craving a change in your life, we have awesome opportunities waiting.

Our Australian affiliate, AAI, works with a network of respected Australian employers to secure positions for our participants. That way, when you arrive in Australia, you can begin earning money right away. There’s no guessing, stress or pounding the pavement looking for work. We’ll do our best to match your experience and education with the best opportunity accompanied by an extensive network of leading employers and businesses.

Positions are generally in the hospitality and tourism industries where your previous customer service, restaurant or hotel experience along with an interview will guarantee you a job in gorgeous resorts and luxury hotels. Your enthusiasm and commitment will help land the perfect position so you can enjoy the Australia adventure of a lifetime.

“Working a year in Australia was the best experience of my life.”

work experience australia

About The Program

Live in amazing Australia for 6 to 12 months.

Work with Australia’s top hospitality, tourism and business brands in locations all over Australia.

Earn competitive salaries right away beginning at $17.70/hour AUD with guaranteed job placement. Additional pay for weekend and public holiday work.

Eliminate stress by securing a job before you leave home and the assurance of in-country support.

Decide where you want to live locally. Positions are available in urban cities like Sydney and Melbourne, the rural outback to resorts hugging the Great Barrier Reef.

Network with other program participants and make friends for life. Join dedicated participant social network to keep in touch and share experiences, suggestions and advice.

  • Guaranteed job secured before arriving in Australia to begin earning right away.
  • Resume optimization and interview preparation assistance to help you make a great impression and land the right job.
  • Pre-departure support to prepare you for the Australia adventure and an orientation about what to expect.
  • Guidance on visa requirements, travel medical insurance and international flights.
  • Complementary hostel accommodation for two nights upon arrival in country. (Extended stays can be arranged at the participant’s expense).
  • Personalized housing orientation to ensure that you’re familiar with options, work, location, transportation, and approximate costs.
  • 24/7-emergency support from our Melbourne office.
  • Help with obtaining needed tax file number and referral for tax refund assistance with Taxback.
  • Resources to help you calculate salary and cost of living scenarios for realistic living and earning expectations.
  • International airfare to Australia.
  • Visa application fee.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Housing and meals.
  • Responsible Service of Alcohol Certificate (required for some food and beverage positions).


If you face challenges of staffing for seasonal or peak business needs, we can help. We recruit enthusiastic individuals looking to gain work experience in an international location. Students, graduates, interns and professionals that are looking to expand their horizons by working, living and traveling to Australia are ready and eager to report to work. Enhance your team with people who speak the international language of hospitality, graciousness and customer service excellence. Let us help you find the help you need!

Work Experience Australia

Program Benefits and Support

  • Candidate recruiting, screening and interviewing
  • Job matching with experience and education
  • Qualified candidates ready to begin work
  • Participant pre-departure support to ensure candidates have completed all necessary paperwork and documentation
  • Coordination of all travel logistics to ensure in-country arrivals have the resources and support they need
  • Check ins with employers and candidates to ensure that expectations are being met and that the job match is a good fit

Eligibility & Visa Information

We’ll make sure that candidates are eligible to participate; responsible, reliable and friendly with the attitude and experience you seek. All candidates must have English proficiency and commit to an agreed upon employment length. Their participation in the program is a good indication of their desire to work during their experience abroad.

Work Experience Australia