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The Work & Travel Pro program matches students, graduates, and young professionals with career-oriented, paid internships designed to push them to the next level of their career.

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Join the Work & Travel Pro Program


The Work & Travel Pro program matches students, graduates, and young professionals with career-oriented, paid internships designed to push them to the next level of their career.

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Australian Internships in Your Field of Study

If your dream is to experience professional life in Australia, the Work & Travel Pro Program is the perfect opportunity for you! At Alliance Abroad, we are in the business of connecting students and young professionals to great opportunities with Australian businesses. You can build lasting connections, learn business practices, new customs and enrich your life while enhancing your education.

We provide participants with guarantee, paid internships with reputable brands in a wide range of industries. The experience is structured by a detailed internship plan, which will also fulfill internship requirements for university degree programs (if necessary).

The experience is a great opportunity to work alongside seasoned professionals and add the names of respected companies to your résumé.
Our wide network of employers are prepared to challenge you and help foster your growth, while also encouraging you to experience the wonderful Australian life in the process!

Working Holiday Program: How it Works

The Australian government offers Working Holiday visas to many countries. The precise rules of the visa vary depending on your country of citizenship. Learn more about these visas on the website for the Australian Department Home Affairs.

After looking into the visa rules for your particular country, contact us to start preparing for your arrival in Australia with the Work & Travel Plus program.

Server carrying food

“My co-workers are friendly and very professional about their jobs and they are willing to teach me a lot, so I am very grateful that I can work here.”
– Yoona Kim, Intern

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Career Development Down Under

The Work & Travel Pro Program is the perfect solution for students and young professionals looking for an Australian adventure that will improve their CVs. Through guaranteed internship placements with well-known, professional businesses, you’ll gain professional internship while having the adventure of a lifetime. Additionally, with a guaranteed paid internship you will be able to save money, travel, and have fun!

Our team will assist you from the beginning till the end. We will assist you in building your résumé and creating an introduction video to show to employers. We will also setup practice interviews with you so that you feel fully prepared for the real thing. More importantly, we will facilitate your interviews, so that you are always prepared for your next step! Just think of us as your 24/7 support team, even before you depart.

Australia travel and tourism opportunities by plane.

Simple Pricing

6 month placement

$ 1,800

12 month placement

$ 2,800

  • Guaranteed job secured before arriving in Australia to begin earning right away
  • Resume optimization and interview preparation assistance to help you make a great impression and land the right job
  • Training Plan designed to meet the experience you wish to gain
  • Pre-departure support to prepare you for the Australia adventure and an orientation about what to expect
  • Guidance on visa requirements, travel medical insurance and international flights
  • Complementary hostel accommodation for two nights upon arrival in country. (Extended stays can be arranged at the participant’s expense)
  • Personalized housing orientation to ensure that you’re familiar with options, work, location, transportation, and approximate costs
  • 24/7-emergency support from our Melbourne office
  • Help with obtaining needed tax file number and referral for tax refund assistance with Taxback
  • Resources to help you calculate salary and cost of living scenarios for realistic living and earning expectations
  • International airfare to Australia
  • Visa application
  • Travel insurance
  • Housing and meals

Earning Power

Average Hourly Earning: $22(AUD)

Our participants work an average of 30 hours of work per week receive on average a gross income of $13,500 AUD for 6-month placements and just over $27,000 AUD for 12-month placements. Individual results will vary.

6-month earnings (AUD)
12-month earnings (AUD)

Budget Planing

Cost of living in Australia depends on your location and lifestyle. The table below gives a general idea of what to expect. Amounts are given in AUD per month. Additional one-time costs are visa processing ($450 AUD) and round-trip airfare (approx. $1500-3000 AUD).

Urban LocationRural Location
Leisure Activities$200$100
Local Transport$120$80
Phone & Internet$30$30
Total Monthly Costs$1700$1300

This Program is Open to Citizens of:


  • Belgium
  • Cyprus
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Malta
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • United Kingdom


  • Hong Kong
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • Taiwan

North America

  • Canada
  • United States

Citizens of the countries listed above can receive the necessary visa at any time. In some instances, citizens of some other countries may receive the necessary visa in certain circumstances. For information please visit the Australian Department of Home Affairs.

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